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Working Papers:



How do flexible microfinance contracts improve repayment rates and business outcomes? Experimental Evidence from Indiawith Parul Agarwal (IFMR-LEAD)

Revise and Resubmit (2nd round), Journal of Finance

IGC Blog Post  IGC Project Webpage  AEA RCT Registry VoxDev Blog Post

Credit Supply and Green Investmentswith Antonio Accetturo (Bank of Italy), Michele Cascarano (Bank of Italy), Emilia Garcia-Appendini (Norges Bank and University of Zurich) and Marco Tomasi (University of Trento)

Advantage Magazine (CAGE, University of Warwick)  VoxEu Blog Post

Rural Banks Can Reduce Poverty: Experimental Evidence from 870 Indian Villages, with Erica Field (Duke University) and Rohini Pande (Yale University)

Behavioral Messages and Debt Repayment, with Juan Camilo Cárdenas Campo (U. Mass Amherst and Universidad de Los Andes) and Nicolás de Roux (Universidad de Los Andes)

VoxDev Blog Post AEA RCT Registry

Can Foreign Banks act as Shock Absorbers? Evidence from the Great Recession

Creative against the Pandemic: Using mixed methods to measure creativity in rural India, with Elisa Giannone (CREI) and Karmini Sharma (Imperial College Business School)

CEPR Discussion Paper 16915


The role of culture in firm-bank matching, with Antonio Accetturo (Bank of Italy), Michele Cascarano (Bank of Italy) and Emilia Garcia-Appendini (University of Zurich) 

Journal of Financial Intermediation (2023), n. 53, 101018

Does your neighbour know you better? The supportive role of local banks in the financial crisis

with Carlotta Rossi (Bank of Italy)

Journal of Banking and Finance (2019), n. 206, pp. 514-526.


Repayment Flexibility in Microfinance Contracts: Theory and Experimental Evidence on Take-Up and Selection

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2017), n. 142, pp. 425-450.


Financial Inclusion in a Developed Country: an Experiment about Formal Savings in Italy

with Alessandra Cassar (USF) and Timothée Demont (University of Marseille)

Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy (2017), n. 1, pp. 39-49.

AEA RCT Registry


Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard in Joint-Liability Loan Contracts: Evidence from an Artefactual Field Experiment

with Alessandra Cassar (USF), Arturo Rodriguez Trejo (USF) and Bruce Wydick (USF)

Journal of Economics and Management (2013), n. 9, pp. 153-184.

University of Chicago Special Issue on Field Experiments in Economics and Management, Guest Editors: John List, Micheal Price, Anya Samek


Signalling through Joint-Liability: an Adverse Selection Model

Rivista Italiana degli Economisti (2013), n. 18, pp. 299-318.

Special Issue on Social Cohesion and Financial Exclusion, Guest Editors: Leonardo Becchetti, Arnold W. Boot, Robert Lensink, Alberto Zazzaro

Selected Work-in-Progress

Hold the Phone? Social and Economic Implications of Improving Women's Agency and Control over Smartphones, with Erica Field (Duke University), Rohini Pande (Yale University), Natalia Rigol (Harvard University), Simone Schaner (University of Southern California) and Charity Troyer Moore (Yale University). 

"A Tough Call" report  Ideas4India Blog Post

Team Size and Performance: Experimental Evidence from India, with Ayah Bohsali (UPF) and Elisa Giannone (CREI)

AEA RCT Registry

Bank presence, green lending, and firms’ technology adoption, with Emilia Garcia-Appendini (Norges Bank and University of Zurich) and Nirupama Kulkarni (CAFRAL)

PEDL Project Summary

The impact of instant payment systems on financial and labor market outcomes: evidence from Pix, with Lucas Argentieri Mariani (ERSA-Uni Milano Bicocca), José Renato Ornelas (Central Bank of Brazil) and Bernardo Ricca (INSPER)

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